TOURSHAEMUSIC: Journey On And Talk Along The Way
Changing the music, one note at a time…

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TOURSHAEMUSIC’s musical journey began at a young
age. His fascination with music prompted his indulgence
into it's abyss, carving his path in a quest to be one
of today's industry best singer/producers.
He grew up listening to such singer/songwriters as
Lionel Ritchie and Stevie Wonder, ( he currently
acknowledges great writers Seal, Sting and Bono).
TOURSHAEMUSIC, a multi-instrumentalist with years
of experience entertaining thousands of fans first
developed his musicianship and vocal techniques
performing in bands and jazz ensembles around
the city of Cleveland during his early college year
Currently TOUR’SHAEMUSIC’s focus on writing and
producing has resulted into a catalog of noteworthy songs .
TOURSHAEMUSIC would love to write music with and for
other artist along with reaching global success
on his own. He would like to add movie soundtracks
to his credits as well.

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Pro Tools 11- Everything You Want To Know
I simply love this software and nothing else
need be said. Well, I will say this. I’m
creating the best music I’ve made in all
the years I’ve been producing. Avid put
there foot in this cake and it’s Hmm